Water-repellent BIONIC-FINISH® ECO with fluorine-free impregnation

We avoid the use of fluorine-based impregnation treatments in our products. Since 2018, we have used the Rudolf Group’s BIONIC-FINISH® ECO technology for all of our water-repellent pants and jackets. BIONIC-FINISH® ECO is based on a fluorine-free formulation that draws on a chemical principle found in nature. The finish uses hyperbranched, hydrophobic polymers that arrange themselves on the surface of a fabric in a network-like structure. These polymers then crystallise on specially adapted ‘comb’ polymers to form a hydroponic layer. This highly effective process produces a level of water-repellency that has previously only been possible with fluorocarbon polymers. This makes BIONIC-FINISH® ECO an effective alternative to existing fluorine-based impregnation treatments, whose impact on the environment and human health remains controversial. Trollkids products with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO are marked with a special label. The water-repellent function lasts for up to 20 wash cycles (30°C). 


Trollkids products made from recycled materials

The Trollkids collection already includes items made partly from recycled polyester and/or with recycled polyester fibre insulation. These materials have been certified to meet the Global Recycling Standard.
We believe that using recycled polyester to make clothing is a way of avoiding unnecessary fossil fuel consumption. We’re also working with our fabric suppliers on new ways of increasing the proportion of recycled materials in our products, which will save even more resources. 


Organic cotton

Organic cotton refers to cotton that has been certified to have been cultivated using ecological methods. Organic cotton is made from non-GMO plants grown without chemicals, artificial pesticides or artificial fertilisers.

Responsible Down Standard (RDS) Certification

All down used in our down products is certified according to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). This certification ensures that the entire supply chain for our down is transparent and traceable, and it guarantees that there is no force feeding or live plucking of water birds (goose, duck, etc.) during production. The RDS Certification can be applied to the entire global down industry and includes the whole of the supply chain, from the harvesting of the down in small, rural areas to the finished product. As part of the verification and certification, an annual on-site audit is made at each step in the supply chain.

Mulesing-free merino wool

We’re very careful to ensure that our merino wool comes only from suppliers who don’t practise mulesing. We get our suppliers to confirm this through certification.

Mulesing is a method of minimising fly strike on the breech (buttocks) of sheep, an area particularly susceptible to flies and maggots because of the folds of skin there. Mulesing involves cutting off the wrinkled skin without anaesthetic, which is extremely painful for the sheep. 

Repair Service

Most kids don’t consider their clothes when they’re busy playing. So clothing can sometimes get a little bit
damaged during rough and tumble fun times. And if this does happen, we will be happy to help you with our Repair Service. You can send damaged Trollkids clothing to us. We will check whether a repair is practicable, and we will mend the garment if that is possible. This service allows us to work together to prevent Trollkids products being discarded too soon.

Pollutant Testing

To ensure compliance with all legal regulations, and to be sure that our products do not contain anything that may be harmful to health, we have them checked at random intervals by independent laboratories and test institutes such as the Bremen Environmental Institute, TÜV Rheinland and SGS.



atmosfair donations – CO2 offsetting travel / flights

People who are environmentally conscious have the opportunity to offset CO2 emissions by making donations to atmosfair GmbH, a non-profit climate protection organisation. atmosfair uses the money to finance climate protection projects. These projects not only reduce CO2, but also promote sustainable development through the transfer of technology and the alleviation of poverty.  Trollkids has been compensating for greenhouse gases caused by unavoidable intercontinental flights since 2019 by making payments to atmosfair. The same applies to car journeys. However, car journeys are only made if we are transporting products to vendors, which can be quite difficult on public transport. As a matter of principle, we do not take flights within Germany and Europe but take the train instead. 



Overview of Business Flights 2021

Flight distance 0 km
Climate Impact 0 CO2
Amount Donated 0 €





Overview of Business Road Travel 2021

Kilometre 72.000 km
Climate Impact 12 t CO2
Amount Donated 276 €






Kilometre 72.000 km
Climate Impact 12 t CO2
Amount Donated 276 €