Kids Kvalvika T


Fabric: 90% polyester, 10% spandex; UV protection factor: 50+

Size: 92-164

Product Number: 332-151

24,95 €

Recommended retail price incl. VAT

Did you know that water reflects UV radiation? That is why sun protection is extremely important when kids are doing what they love – swimming, playing and romping in the water. But because waterproof sunscreen only lasts for a short time, we have designed the KIDS KVALVIKA T. Effective sun protection without the stickiness or chemicals of sun cream. This bicoloured T-shirt has a UV protection factor of 50+ and effectively protects against sunburn in the water and on land, with a style your little water imps will want to wear. The fine polyester spandex fabric is so stretchy it fits like a second skin. And the KIDS KVALVIKA SHIRT will follow any movement, no matter how much fun they’re having in the water! Thumb loops on the cuff prevent the raglan style sleeves from riding up. Fabric: 90% polyester, 10% spandex; UV protection factor: 50+; weight: 90g

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