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Kids Sandefjord T

(dark purple/lavender)

Fabric: 70% wool, 30% modal

Size: 98-176

Product Number: 346-154

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If active kids could have only one T-shirt, they would choose the KIDS SANDEFJORD T. This T-shirt is extra special. The vibrant bicolour design with diagonal stripes is very striking, and the fabric’s properties are superb. The combination of 70 percent merino wool and 30 percent modal is a sure winner. The fabric is extremely pleasant to wear next to the skin, and the two components have their own unique properties. So, while the natural odour inhibiting merino assures breathability and temperature regulation, the modal content provides the T-shirt with increased durability. The KIDS SANDEFJORDF T excels at all outdoor activities and can be worn alone or as a wicking base layer. Fabric: 70% wool, 30% modal; weight: 150g/m2; weight: 90g

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